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What Can Career Coaching Do for You?

  • Unsure about next steps – coaching can help you identify the skills and talents that reside in your toolkit, how to leverage them and build a strategic plan for the next stage of your career.
  • Not getting that promotion – coaching increases awareness of what is holding you back, removes barriers, and designs a strategy to meet and exceed your goals to achieve the results you want.
  • Wondering how to move into a new sector or profession – coaching can help you identify all of your skills, knowledge and talent and make the most of your transferable skillset.
  • Feeling stuck – get unstuck and re-engaged with something that you can get excited about.
  • Just not the same company culture anymore – coaching can align you with your values and help you find the right environment so you can thrive again and make the contribution you seek to make.

Let’s Get Started.

Five-Step Coaching process involves:

  1. Determining Outcomes
  2. Building Awareness
  3. Designing a Plan
  4. Taking Action
  5. Integrating Change

The client determines the frequency of coaching depending on their agenda and timelines. Meetings occur in person or remotely and are enhanced by email. Momentum is built over time and results can be realized in three to six months.