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Expect fun. Expect evocative questions. Expect poetry. Expect growth. Expect challenge and inner adventure. Expect the unexpected! In short – expect to be even more remarkable than you ever thought you could be!! With this Muse on your shoulder, you will soon have a visceral experience of YAR. Working with Sarah for the past 5 years has been transformational for me on every level and she has truly been the wind in my sails. Whether navigating the stormy corporate seas, or taking shelter in the calm waters of my heart, I learned to fearlessly set a course toward my goals with a strong and able-bodied crew of ethics, integrity, compassion, curiosity and humour. And arrive with aplomb!!

Deborah Eastlick

Vice President, Alberta Stakeholder Engagement – Alberta Energy Regulator (retired)
Working with Sarah Robinson, has dramatically changed my personal leadership style. As my coach Sarah has really helped me develop a greater awareness of how my strengths can be flexed towards creating an exceptional organization. From exorcising my “Inner Gremlin”, to changing how I deal with conflict in the workplace, her coaching has helped me significantly shift the dynamics of my team. Our work together has also been invaluable in supporting me through a complete organizational restructuring as well as integrating two charities with very diverse cultures into a new unified organization. All in all, having coaching in my life has made a world of difference. 

Elisabeth Baugh

CEO, Ovarian Cancer Canada
Sarah and I worked together at a critical point in my career. She led me to ask myself the right questions, and provided gentle guidance in helping me direct my research into new areas that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered, and supported me in my exploration of coaching as a profession. Let me reword that: I do not react well to being directly told what to do, and yet Sarah got me to do things without me realizing it. Also, I would never have admitted to myself that I was open to entirely new directions in my career, and yet with her help, I did. Sarah is a master.

Morag Johnston

Digital Strategist – Leadership Coach
Originally I approached Sarah for help with a team session to build team moral. As I worked with her and got to know her strengths and personality, Sarah provided a great team session. As our relationship grew, she identified the current environment I was in was stifling my growth.  Through her open and honest approach, she helped me make a professional change.  Over the years we’ve continued our relationship; Sarah has been a great mentor and sounding board for me.  As well, I’ve introduced her to the Senior Leadership Team & Staff Team at my current employer and she’s actively working with us.
Sarah is always professional, perceptive, practical and an asset both personally and professionally.

Cheryl Woods

Director, Chapter Development and Support – Make-A-Wish Canada
It’s not everyday you find a coach, confidant and leader so complementary to your own style. I was fortunate to find that with Sarah. I consider her to be my “professional soul mate”. The energy, ideas and ongoing enthusiasm brought to the table with my leaders and me was never ending and as a result, we made a real difference with our business partners. Thank you for your attention, your ability to stretch and your overall awesome capability to help us grow and change as individuals and as a team.

Karen Desjardins

Vice President, Technology Services IPC – Symcor
Having never taken the time to explore and truly understand my professional talents, I was thrilled to have finally met Sarah.  For those who have yet to discover her warmth and professional prowess, please reach out to her… you will not regret it.  She has the innate ability to reach into your soul and pull out what has been buried or undiscovered to create both personal and professional catharsis. In simpler terms, I can equate her to a hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows.  Even after a few sessions with her, she made me feel good and comforted and liberated…it was like she unlocked the barriers I had created for myself over many years so that I could finally realize my true potential.
Sarah will always remain one of the best decisions I have ever made and I encourage other professional leaders to explore the depths of their own potential while savouring their own cup of cocoa.

Lois Graveline

Fundraising Consultant