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What Can Coaching Do for You?

  • A coach can work with a new leader to quickly produce positive, profitable results and accelerate their impact on your organization.
  • As part of retaining top-notch leaders tasked with initiating innovative strategies, a coach offers an excellent, unbiased and confidential sounding board.
  • During times of uncertainty, coaching helps leaders navigate organizational change, prevent interruption to productivity, increase awareness of choices and options, and identify new possibilities.
  • Coaching helps develop skills and opens the door to developing new approaches. What worked in the past might not be effective in new circumstances with new challenges.
  • Coaching helps emerging leaders to clarify their own unique style of leadership. How can they bring their best selves to their career and work? The coaching conversation focuses on developing personal skills, the discipline and confidence to be a self-aware successful leader.
  • Coaching helps when navigating the complexities and all that has to be different when shifting from leading a small team to taking on a larger portfolio.

Bringing Out the Best Leader in You.

We start by asking all clients this question: When was the last you were YAR? When was the last time that you were at your best? We help you to clarify your skills, experience and unique talent in order to achieve your goals.

Let’s Get Started.

Five-step coaching process involves:

  1. Determining Outcomes
  2. Building Awareness
  3. Designing a Plan
  4. Taking Action
  5. Integrating Change

Coaching programs are a minimum of 6 months in duration and momentum is built over time. All programs are co-designed by the coach and client to meet individual and organizational needs. Regular meetings occur in person or remotely and are enhanced by email.